Friday, December 4, 2009

Panchsheel Wellington Ad - Times Property

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Wellinton Town Layout

Wellington is one of the best masterpiece projects of Panchsheel Buildtech Pvt. Ltd.
It promises to replicate the beauty and magnificance of its previous projects like
> Panchsheel Park Colony
> SPS Apartment
> EURO Apartments
> SPS Residency
> SPS Heights

Friday, November 27, 2009


Buying Property/ Apartment as source of investment

Property as the source of Investment

Nowadays people are becoming more aware about the investment of money in different sources. One of the best sources that nowadays people feel is the Property. The real sector which was once not even thought as the source of investment is one of the booming sector.

People prefer to buy the property at a very low cost price and sell it off when they feel that the rates of property are very high.

At the end of the day, the fundamental aspect of property investment is to buy low and sell high. In order to do this, it is vital that you find the right property. There is no point in buying something at a very high price to spend a lot of money renovating it only to find that you have to sell it at a loss.

Preventive the risk factor is the key element. The first thing that you decide before buying any property is to think and decide about your own requirement.
If time and money are the main factor, you may want to buy somewhere which is structurally sound but needs decorating. Minor improvements can considerably add to the value of a property without you having to invest in architects, planners and builders.

Friday, November 20, 2009

About -- Panchsheel Wellington, Crossing Republik, NH-24, Ghaziabad

Imagine a city inside a city… A world complete in itself… A home of your dreams… Amenities that are unparalleled… At par with international standards… Modern Life… Pollution free environment fit for healthy living… So much, yet we have more to offer… AN AFFORDABLE PRICE…
This integrated township, Panchsheel Wellington, set in a green environment, offers you access to all the amenities of modern living, within a few minutes walk from your home. A world where you can enjoy an enriched lifestyle because all your daily needs are taken care it security, shopping, dining and entertainment or leisure. A world so complete that you may never want to leave home!
Planned by world renowned architects, Sasaki Associates - Boston , US and build by architects of world fame, is a township spread over 360 acres, representing the best of NCR’s township development capabilities. It is the Asia 's largest private township spread over five phases with landmark constructions. It offers a comprehensive modern city infrastructure, encompassing basic amenities, social infrastructure including educational institutions, healthcare, hospitality and shopping and entertainment facilities.

The Dumping Area Related Issues at Crossing Republik... By Panchsheel Buildtech

The latest upcoming news that we people are coming up with is the dumping area nearby Crossing Republik area. It has not only made builders into question but also has spread like a wild fire all over Delhi / NCR.
Our customer cares are on the daily basis helping the people to understand the basic amenities that are required by the people to make dumping area.

Builders of crossings met on Nov 2009 to discuss and clarify about the issue. As per latest status, Builders of Crossing Republik are planning to hire legal advisor and to raise the legal objections on this. We will send a separate update on this once there will be any confirm update on this with us. Hopefully by end of this month, there should be update on this.

The Dumping group totally favors 3 types of pollution – Water, Air and Noise Pollution. As per the report by different environmentalist these dumping grounds not only affect the environment by air, water and soil pollution but also damage the property in the surrounding area. The presence of moisture and rainwater leak the pollutant chemicals produced during the process of degradation to dissolve and flow into the groundwater reserve/sea/river thereby affecting the flora and fauna of the water body.

Further the study has also highlighted the fact related to dumping ground that is situated close to human surroundings, which could create health danger for the populace as the area would become a propagation ground of cockroaches and mosquitoes and other pests, which can spread and communicate diseases like malaria, yellow fever, dengue and encephalitis.

Monday, November 16, 2009